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AMIE strives to promote fair trade and global access in the meat and poultry import and export industry. Are you a meat or poultry producer, importer or play another role in the import and export value chain? AMIE membership will give you the head-start you need. Meat imports and exports remain and, in even more in recent pandemic parameters, will for the foreseeable future be a quagmire of regulations, socio-political- and economic climates. This is why AMIE is here, to be the mouthpiece of meat importers and exporters in South Africa by ensuring dialogue between business, trade, and governments. Through our activities we aim to develop ever-stronger trade relations locally and globally by working towards fair trade for all in the value chain and global access to stimulating development and economical growth. With a track record that speaks for itself, AMIE has established itself as an industry body of integrity. If you want to become a member click here.

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The AMIE Academy

AMIE wishes to assist black importers and exporters in entering the market and assist with entry into the distribution chain of all proteins. 

The movement of meat across borders is a complex business, which results in few companies succeeding in this field. 

To ensure a sustainable development strategy, the AMIE Academy will be the vehicle driving industry transformation.


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